Tonic Room (Chicago, IL) 9.16.2011, Plus Good Times in Champaigne and Decatur

Wow the days have just gotten by me here. Getting ready for our fall tour (kicks off this Friday!) has taken away from my all my precious blogging time. I sat down today and realized that it's been nearly a month since I posted pics from any of our shows. eeeyikes.

So here's the short and sweet of it.

Memphis on Main (Champaigne, IL) 9.10.2011
On Saturday September 10, we rolled into Champaigne for a show at Memphis on Main with Neoga Blacksmith and Devout Sinners. Both sets were really fantastic. It felt like a dark stormy night on a backwoods porch somewhere in Mississippi. Lots of talk of devils and moonshine, and amazing harmonies from Devout Sinners.

The fuel tank bass above was pretty awesome...I'm not sure if that's what it was, but it had one string and you had to wear construction gloves to play it... nice.

We toasted the night with beers in jars.

Tonic Room (Chicago, IL) 9.16.2011
Six nights later we were sobered up for our Tonic Room show in Chicago.  This was our first time at the Tonic Room and I have to say it might be one of my new favorite places to play here at home.  There was a "who gives a fuck attitude" to the night.  You were all clearly cramped and hot, and I'm sure all the dancing only made it worse.  You absolutely made it the kind of night we wait for.

Oakwood Block Party/LSB After Party (Decatur, IL) 9.24.2011
The following weekend we strolled into Decatur with guest bassist Patrick Byrd (back of head pictured below) for the Oakwood Block Party.  It was grand ol' time and always fun to catch up with our friends in Decatur.  We played an after part that night at Lock Stock and Barrel with Ashley Riley (big ups to Doosh Mcgoosh).  The good times rolled on through the night and we even made some new friends, one of which was an investigative reporter for the local news (I'm expecting a 10 PM news shout out, Paulina).

So that brings us to today...a little over 24 hours before we embark on our fall tour. Getting the bags packed and the fantasy football roster preset as we speak.  Check out all the dates HERE!  See you in Bloomington!

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