Tour Recap Day 3: The Rutledge (Nashville, TN) - 10/9/2011

We woke up in the van sweating Double Down sandwiches around 9 AM in a driveway next to the house where hung out with some new friends we made after the show at Third Street Cafe.

We split for McDonald’s and then spent about a half hour retracing our steps trying to find the house where I left my backpack with all my belongings from the night before. Losing stuff on these trips is becoming my forte. This one was a new high point.  Whereas I usually just lose a phone, or a charger, or a coat, this time I nearly lost everything I brought, which would have been a new personal best.

Close but no cigar.

Luckily, Adam remembered how to get back to the house where I found my backpack sitting on the porch…right where I left it apparently.

The drive into Nashville seemed longer than what we had expected, but we still made it into town with enough time for Mike to practice his parkour moves.

The show was a lot of fun. The Rutledge has a fantastic stage, sound and crew. And again Nashville provided a fun crowd on a Sunday night.

A huge thanks to Frankie Diana from 17 Stories for taking some really cool photos of our set.

Frankie was a cool dude, and it was awesome meeting him and the rest of the guys from 17 Stories. We had a great time sharing the stage with them and Abbot Martin who closed out the night.

We got on the road and started our trip to Columbus right after the show, stopping after about 20 minutes when we all started to fall asleep.  So in short, we had a great time and I still have my all my shit.  Success.

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