Back Log: Tour Recap Day 9: Pearl Street Grill (Buffalo, NY) - 10/15/2011

I fell asleep in the van after we called it a night in NYC on Friday.  I figured we'd drive back to Astoria and spend one more night at Lauren's apartment.   Thus I was shocked when I woke up at 2 AM with a Snickers bar being shoved in my mouth.  I fought the delicious intruder for only moments before I accepted the delicious mix of chocolate and caramel.  "Where are we?" I asked, "At a gas station" someone said, and then I went back to sleep.

Several hours later I woke up to the sound of people slamming dumpster lids and yelling at each other in Spanish.   We were parked in a strip mall.  "Where are we?" I asked again.  No reply.  Everyone was fast asleep.  I pulled out my phone and google maps suggested we were somewhere near Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The taste of Snickers came back to me and I remembered that we had been driving for a while after I fell asleep.  I laid there for a bit watching workers come in and out of the Mexican restaurant, probably wondering what our van was doing in their parking lot at 10 in the morning when they were just arriving at work.

I fell back asleep for an hour or so, figuring I would let everyone else sleep since they must have gotten less time to rest.  I woke up to Chad rustling around in the van looking for his shoes.  Eventually everyone got up and had a laugh about the restaurant parking lot situation.  Off to Buffalo.

The drive to Buffalo was pretty awful.  Bad storms and high winds made for a tense drive and Adam noted several times that he was having trouble keeping the van on the road.  We crawled into Buffalo taking scenic routes for next five hours.

When we finally arrived we headed to Mike's girlfriend's family's house which was only about a half hour away from our final downtown destination.  Liz's family was awesome.  They reminded me a lot of my family and there was more than one occasion where I actually forgot I wasn't with my own.

We had an awesome lasagna dinner with salad and chocolate cake for dessert and took by far the best showers of the tour.  Unfortunately we couldn't stay long, and we had to jet for the venue almost as soon as we arrived.

Pearl Street Grill and Brewery was a really cool place.  It was a big open restaurant/bar and the room was packed and waiting with tons of Liz's friends and family.   We received a warm welcome which made for a great final show of the tour.

A huge thank you to Kevin and the rest of the guys from Escape Fantasy for opening up the night and lending us some equipment.  The show wouldn't have been possible without you!  And of course thank you to the Buffalo Sabres who also played a large role in packing the place.

After the show we went out with Liz's friends and got our dance on at the Thirsty Buffalo.  We partied for a few hours and then made the drive back to Liz's parent's house for late night lasagna and sleep.

When I woke up in the morning we all felt rested and ready to take on the 9 hour drive back to Chicago.

Flash Forward:....ok so as you noticed these last couple posts have been "back logs."  That's because I wrote them after we got home on Sunday night.  We were really busy the last couple days of the tour watching cartoons and Walker Texas Ranger...so naturally there was no time finish these while we were out there.

Now that I've been home for five days, I've had plenty of time to take it all in and get resettled.  There's some things I wished I'd said earlier that I'd like to say now.

First THANK YOU to all the people we met who showed us kindness and encouragement.  It means so much to know that our music is connecting with you, and that you were happy to hear we are in town.

Next, if we were new to you and you were new to us.  I'm happy our paths crossed.  Thank you for sticking around and checking us out!  Your enjoyment is what keeps us going.

Finally, I wanted to extend our extreme and sincere gratitude to all of you who opened your doors, showers, refrigerators, or driveways to us.  We cherish all the time/drinks/stories we share with you guys.  You make us feel loved and most importantly we want you to know that WE LOVE YOU!

& Verona Red

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