Tour Recap Day 1: Bear's Place (Bloomington, IN) - 10/7/2011

It feels so good to be back out on the road.  Just four cool guys having adventures and snacking on Oreos.

Touring can be stressful when you haven't done it enough to know what to expect.  This is the most relaxed I think we have ever felt and so far this one actually kind of feels like a vacation.  It could also just be that night one went really well.  Bloomington, IN shows get better and better and our fans always show us so much love and hospitality.

We left Chicago at 4pm and rolled into B-town around 9:30 local time.  It was a hectic load-in and we caught bits and pieces of Apollo Quad's set which was a lot of fun. They dropped it like it was hot several times ... on its head. I had to stop setting up guitars completely during their rendition of "99 Problems."

We got going around 11 and got the first date jitters out pretty quick. This was our first time performing with guest bassist Chad Mowbray. He did great and it was a pleasure to have him up there with us.

We closed out the night with "No Way Home" featuring guest percussion performances by Kris Murphy and a tambourine girl.

Fluffer closed out the night with real mind-expanding jams. At one point they were joined by a guy who looked freakishly similar to out friend Joe Wilson.

Who's the real one ... go ahead, guess.

We closed out Bear's Place and headed out on the town with our friends Kris and Kate. We stopped in The Bluebird Nightclub to catch the tail end of a Dot Dot Dot show.  The Bluebird was a cool place.  Like most hipster joints it was even better in 2004.

After that we grabbed some pizza and called it a night.


Night One is in the books and we 're feeling great. Looking forward to good times tonight at Third Street Dive in Louisville!

Oh and I almost forgot the Indy-pants-off tradition ...

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Wendy said...

We love u guys!!! Can't wait to see u down here for my birthday!!! U guys r welcome to stay at the apartment whenever ur in town and u know I'll always make sure u guys have breakfast :) have a fun and some what safe tour! Mike needs to practice on his moves lmao the video was great lol!