Tour Recap Day 2: Third Street Dive (Louisville, KY) - 10/8/2011

We woke up around 9:30 and got on the road to Louisville.  When we arrived in the afternoon, we decided to usher in our upcoming show in Kentucky with Double Down sandwiches at KFC.  It was the best I ever had.  I suspect the bar is pretty high for any KFC in Kentucky though.

After that it was off to the Walmart Supercenter to pick up a new merchandise bin.  We've been carrying around a pretty dilapidated bin for sometime now.  Bloomington proved to be the last straw for the old bin, and after two years of transporting our merch it finally ripped to a point beyond repair during load out.

We took careful measurements to ensure the new one would fit in our Tetris-ish packed van.

After Walmart it was off to Starbucks for coffee and some free internet.  They commemorated the restaurant that formerly owned the site with a mural on the wall.  It was kind of like having the moose head of the small business you displaced on the wall.  They probably didn't put them out of business, but the idea was entertaining.

We played some football and frisbee in a giant parking lot of an abandoned theatre across the street for a couple hours and then headed to the Third Street Cafe for load-in around 9.

The folks at Third Street Cafe were great.  The crowd was amazing too.  We had an absolute blast, and cannot wait to come back to Louisville soon.  We met tons of cool people and enjoyed an awesome set from Izzy and the Catastrophics to end the night.

Next stop... The Rutledge in Nashville!

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