Tour Recap Day 4: Skully's (Columbus, OH) - 10/10/2011

After a quick rest area sink shower we got back on our rout to Columbus.  Luckily when we got there we were able to connect with one of Adam's old roomates who let us use his shower to get a proper wash.  Thanks Brendan.

We arrived at Skully's shortly after and sat down to watch the Bears on Monday Night Football for an hour or so while we waited for the other bands to finish loading in/sound checking.

The Bears ended up being the low point of the night.  Hubbard Stew and The Up All Nights set the bar pretty high in terms of good times.  Hubbard Stew played a great opening set, and The Up All Nights turned Monday night into party night in Columbus.

After the show it was off to party with The Up All Nights.  Drinks had been flowing pretty steadily all night, so although we had a trip planned to the next bar, the party was rerouted to the sidewalk.

For some reason this tree became a the focal point of our good times...  Adam and Yo Yo, the drummer from The Up All Nights, basked in it's falling leaves and climbed it's sturdy trunk.

Then a random ex-stripper who caught sight of all this and was equally enthralled by the tree, decided she wanted to re-live her glory days.

From their the party moved from the sidewalk to the street where Adam and Yo Yo wrestled in the middle of 3 AM traffic, which luckily isn't that busy on Tuesday morning in Columbus.  This was the result.

After stopping at a gas station to try and unsuccessfully find some kind of bandages we gave up and crashed in the van for the night.  It was a fun and random night.  We were worried Monday would be slow, but not so. 

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