Tour Day 3 Recap: The Basement (Nashville, TN) - 2.27.2011

It’s true what they say about Nashville, it’s the city of music. Everyone is in a band, and I’ve never seen a Sunday night turnout like that in any city we’ve played in before.

So fun.

Props to Max and the Wild Things, Newmatic and Starlume. Each band played a fantastic set. This was one of the best bills we’ve been a part of on this tour so far.

Also plenty of folks at The Basement in Nashville were really welcoming despite the fact that we might bet starting to smell a bit.

Last night we slept at a rest stop off of I-65 in Shepardsville, KY. It was 71 degrees which was amazing to sleep in with the windows open. We closed house (van) at 4 AM to insane winds and rain which pounded our van the rest of the early morning.  It was half relaxing, and the tornado sirens made it half-terrifying too. We decided that if we did get picked up by a tornado we would try to steer it to Newport, KY, and just be happy that we saved on gas.

This morning we awoke to wet feet and blankets (fingers crossed our gear still works) and then got on the road to Newport after a quick stop at Wendy’s. We hit a huge traffic jam, got off, and took another AMAZINGLY cool scenic route. Got some great footage that should work well in our post-tour vid wrap-up.

We’re about thirty minutes away from the Southgate House in KY. Just popping over the hill to the Cinci skyline!

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Max and the Wild Things said...

Thanks again for letting us be part of y'all's tour! We loved your set! Definitely give us a shout next time you're going to be in Music City.

Cole/A Wild Thing