Snowmaggedon Stealing Our Thunder? & Verona Red Live On Fearless Radio Tomorrow!

Governor Pat Quinn declares the entire state of Illinois a "weather disaster"?!

WTF weather!?  What the hell is a snowmageddon?

Where do you get off trying to rock the city right before our record release?!?!?   It's like "oh hey there goes that old man winter again.. getting all up in my face trying to prove himself, pounding our city with his 20 inch snowboner"

I can only assume that mother nature feels threatened.  Or perhaps the gods are unhappy about the unruly degree of rockage that we're about to unload on the city of Chicago this Friday night at Subterranean with our friends Bully In The Hallway and The Rails.

I've spoken of similar kinds of rock and roll apocalypse surrounding our shows in the past... however it seems this time it may be serious.... anyway if there is a tomorrow I've got good news for you....

We're going to be live on-air at Fearless Radio during the Hank and Cat morning show at 10 AM.  Here's the link to listen.  We're really excited to hang out with the folks from Fearless and are keeping our fingers crossed that we don't get blown out into the lake on our way there.

Finally, thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Deli's Emerging Artist of The Year poll.  We finished 8 out of 37 nominees.  Although we didn't win in quantity of votes I do believe we certainly won in quality of votes.  You guys are the best, thanks!

Check out the results here!

UPDATE: Due to impending snowpocolypse Verona Red's on-air appearance at Fearless Radio originally scheduled for tomorrow morning has been postponed to a later date...looks like round one goes to you old man winter dong.

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