Tour Day 2 Recap: Rhino's (Bloomington, IN) 2/26/2011

It's day three and we are riding in the van right now on the way to Nashville. The Garmin is taking us on a VERY scenic route. We haven’t seen a human being in 1.5 hours. Lots of dogs and cows and a sign for a place called Cox's Smokes. Not sure who owns these animals or awesomely named smoke shops…but they're here and they are pretty fun to look at.

Last night in Bloomington at Rhino’s was the balls, the kind you hope you’ll never forget. I got hit with my first pair of panties on stage and they smelled like sweet promise that brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR BLOOMINGTON "VERONA FREDS" who came to see us, especially to those of you who came out two nights in a row!

We played with an awesome band called Hard Candy Hearts. Their sound reminded me of getting hit by an old rusty locomotive made of swampy rock and roll sunshine.

Originally we decided it would be a good idea to take it easy and call it an early night since we had a place to crash…maybe some Parcheesi if we were feeling dangerous.

But even the best laid plans eventually go awry.

We have lots more pics and vids that I need to steal from other people's cameras/Facebook accounts... can't wait to see them...these really don't do justice the happenings of the night.

Thank you Jeania, Wendy and Heather for putting us up and feeding us!

Tonight we’ll be at The Basement in Nashville. This is actually my first time in Nashville, so I’m especially pumped to be here tonight. My phone is semi-working now (apparently at Sprint they can give you a new phone but not a new battery to go with it?)…so there is a chance there could be pics posted on the fly….otherwise you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

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