Tour Day 1 Recap: Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN) 2.25.2011

Well we all survived day one of the tour. Still working out how we're packing the van at the end of each night and pooping in the woods, but so far so good. Only one casuality so far...and it was the keyboard on our computer. Something fell on it during our set.

Oh well I guess it builds character.

The show was a blast. We had two bands drop at the last minute, but everything worked out. Huge props to Phyllis who stepped up and played a great set to open the show.

Big thanks to all or Bloomington and Indy fans who came out to see us last night, espeically to Kris Murphy who joined us on stage for Long Neck Deep Curves to play some mean blues harp as you can see in the pic at the top of the page.

Also, I have to apologize for my lack of tweeting and picture posting thus far on the tour. My phone has lost the ability to hold a charge for more than 2 mins at a time (counting on the Sprint store folks in Bloomington, IN right now to set me up with a new one.... come on insurance protection plan..I know I pay $7 a month for you for some reason...)

If I had a chance I would have tweeted some pics of a lot of the cool record stores we checked out in Broad Ripple and downtown Indy. If you ever get a chance stop into Indy CD and Vinyl in Broad Ripple and make sure to say high to Annie behind the counter. Super cool place, super nice people, and apparently we just missed the guys from Cage the Elephant who were playing next door at the Vogue.

Anyway, it's time to go. Tony is getting stiff and he has asked me to show him some neck stretches. I will use all my Tony Horton learnings to help him out. Then it's off to Rhino's in Bloomington!

Click HERE for full details on that and all other upcoming shows and stay tuned for more pics and more show updates daily.


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