Reflections: Tour Leg 1

So yeah, many of you have probably been keeping up with our show by show blogging over the past two weeks.  You are probably familiar with many of the stranger things that happened, but hindsight is always 20/20, so i figured it'd be fun to hash through all the things we learned on leg one of our 2011 Pound tour...

I didn't have a ton of time to write this since we are getting ready to leave for SXSW in two days so I may not have covered everything we learned, but here's some initial thoughts.

You can’t order a Coors in Nashville…you have to say Curs.

Dog’s love my balls….there were numerous instances most notably a dog named Caster in Bloomington, IN. He had his head in my crotch to an uncomfortable degree.

Any song about sexy panties is an instant classic.

If you rock hard enough in Nashville someone will give a you a free bag of shrooms on stage… and shout "it's shrooms!" into the mic... in front of everyone.

Driving a 15-person passenger van through NYC is hard.

If someone yells at your for looking at their dick when you walk in the bathroom ignore them...it's likely someone else will smash a bottle on their head for you eventually.

Be nice to NYC bartenders, even if they are rude, they are more likely to give you free drinks

It’s real easy to re-create the video for the Alanis Morrisete classic “Ironic” on your own, all you need is four retarded guys who grew up in the 90's.

Don't stick your finger in a rat cage, it will bite you.

Things fall apart
  • Two lost coats
  • One broken phone
  • One lost phone
  • One lost phone charger
  • One broken guitar
  • One dented computer
  • One lost amp footswitch
  • Some self respect
  • One tire in the Hudson Tunnel NYC
  • Rear panel scuffed against FBI vehicle NYC

    Don't tell someone from Newport, KY that they live in KY.

    Try drinking pickle juice after a shot of Jameson...it kills the burn..so they tell me... I wouldn't drink pickle juice if it cured cancer.

    Tony can do amazing things with his ass.  I’ve never heard so many farts from one person in 9 days in my life.  He is also quite inventive.  Jump farting was all the craze on this tour, he invented the phenomenon in a Columbus parking lot where he jump farted Mike for the first time. Not only was I impressed that he could get his ass up to Mike’s face level, but that fact that he timed it so well as he ran by at full speed was equally amazing.

    Paddy’s Pub doesn’t exist...saddest thing we learned

    People are pretty ok.  We got offered a place to stay almost every night of the tour...coolest thing we learned.

    I'm sure there is more than this...but like i said no time right now...so if I think of more I'll be sure to post...for now enjoy this photo MONTAGE!

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    Sunny said...

    Love this. I want more vids of yall doing 90s songs!!!!