(Back Log) Tour Day 5 Recap: The Treehouse (Columbus, OH) - 2/28/2011

So these next couple posts will be back logs, meaning I wrote them during the tour, but could not find a healthy wifi signal along the way to post them.  Pretend you're Doc Brown and enjoy living in the past for a minute here....we'll start with the day 5 recap of Columbus... here we are on our way to Pittsburgh the morning after.

This morning we woke up early in an attempt to get to Pittsburgh early enough to see some of my family.  It’s been two hours and I swear we’re like 5 miles from the rest stop.  The fact is that while it’s really awesome to just plug in an address and follow your GPS without a map, it’s also a huge pain in the ass when it has no idea where you are and decides to recalculate every two seconds.  We’ve fallen off the highway completely at this point, however, once again we all agreed that taking the scenic route off the highways made for a way more interesting drive. 
So yeah looks like I’ll have some time to write this little blog here about last night’s show in Columbus.

So on Tuesday night we arrived in Columbus with plenty of time to spare... the first time that has happened thus far on the tour.  We stopped at an Ace Hardware to try to fix the brand new guitar that I broke the night before (pics to come soon).  After buying some goodies from the Place that is Ace, we hopped on over to the Starbucks to grab some coffee and wifi (future Chris comments that this is the last good wifi we had on the tour).

We met some real cool folks there and got a lot of internet style work done.  After checking out some record shops and meeting folks we headed over to the Treehouse.  It was more aptly named than we thought.

The tree in the middle of the room was the highlight of the place…that and the people we met.   Right when we walked in we saw Casey from The Receiver working the door.  He's in a really cool band we played with at the Vollrath in Indianapolis many months ago.  Was great catching up with him and getting to know the rest of the staff there too…all really cool people.  Again impressed by how tight knit the scene in Columbus seemed to be (similar to Nashville and Newport).

Thank you to The Seasonal Help, Gelatinous Cube and Matte Black Silhouette for sharing the stage.

Can’t wait to see some of my family in Pittsburgh later tonight at Garfield Artworks!

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