(Back Log) Tour Day 8 and 9 Recap - The Bitter End (New York, NY) 3/4 and 3/5/2011

27 Steps to Rock and Roll in NYC

Where to start.  Well I should start with a thank you to all our fans who traveled from Chicago and other parts of the country to join us for our NYC debut at The Bitter End.  Thank you also for renting an apt for the weekend and letting us stay there and letting us eat your eggs.

Thank you to the Glorious Veins for helping us land this show at the historic Bitter End.  You guys played a fantastic set.  Check these guys out HERE!

Other than this I don’t think I want to try to tell the rest in a story format so I’ll just go with the facts.

Day 1.
  1. Crossed from NJ in NYC around 1:30 PM
  2. Hit the side of the of the Hudson Tunnel in the van about five minutes later – Chris
  3. Hit a Chevy Impala labeled “Federal Officer Vehicle” while trying to parallel park the van outside of our friend’s apartment about twenty minutes later – Chris
  4. Rehearsed for Bitter End show at Smash Studios 4:30 – 7:30 PM
  5. Dinner with Diane
  6. Drinks at Amity Hall
  7. More drinks at Four Faced Liars
  8. Wastieland
Day 2.
  1. Black out and somehow begins to make way home around 2:15 AM - Chris
  2. Lost recently replaced phone somewhere along the way - Chris
  3. Scream and bang on random doors looking trying to find the right apt building on 15th St. – Mike
  4. Discovers Mike screaming and banging on doors on 15th St. around 2:30 AM – Chris
  5. Splits a pastrami sandwich with Chris after giving up on figuring out where friends live – Mike
  6. Friends find Mike and Chris wandering the streets and let them into their apartment around 3 AM
  7. A pastrami sandwich is dismantled and tossed all over the apartment - Chris
  8. Back at Four Faced Liar a connection is made and a disappearance into the night is underway around 3:30 AM – Tony
  9. Confused, alone and broke the long walk home begins around 4 AM – Adam
  10. With no key and no friends sober enough to hear their phones there is only one option, scale the façade of the apartment building, climb on top of a second story laundromat sign and bang on the living room window 25 feet above the sidewalk at 4:45 AM – Adam
  11. Awake at 9 AM sandwiched between two dudes with a delicious and completely unfamiliar hunk of pastrami lodged between teeth and cheek – Chris
  12. Awake at 9 AM sleeping on a suitcase – Adam
  13. Awake at 11 AM on an air hockey table in Brooklyn – Tony
  14. Band showers and breakfast from 12 – 2 PM
  15. Band goes in separate directions to promote all day for show at Bitter End later that night
  16. Band regroups around 8 PM
  17. Load-in to The Bitter End at 9 PM
Day 3.
  1. NYC debut underway at 2 AM
  2. Rock and Roll from 2 – 3:30 AM – Chris, Mike, Adam and Tony

What a fantastic way to blow off some well earned steam and close out the tour.  NYC, you are large, full of dog shit and are very hard to drive a 15 person passenger van through...but we love you anyway.

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