Brewed Cafe & Stone Fly Brewery (Milwaukee, WI) - 6.4.2010

Our trip to Milwaukee this past weekend started off with an acoustic set at the Brewed Cafe on Brady street. Brady street was a good time, we visited a smoke shop, a record store, and a place that sold futons.

Here's a clip of our performance at Brewed Cafe.

The day carried on with a visit to an art gallery to see some of the latest works painted by our good friend Jason Ludtke.

Then it was off to A.J. Bombers to meet up with some friends and watch game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals.

With heavy hearts from a game 4 Blackhawks disaster we took the stage at the Stone Fly Brewery... but soon forgot our woes and got down to doing what we love to do...

Jumping on each other's stuff.

As you may be noticing from the pics and videos above, this was also the first time we performed with guitarist Adam Knoernschild. Turns out Adam is a peach, and a pleasure to share the stage with.

"Wait...what?" you might be saying... Well, to catch you up, a few weeks ago our band-mate and long-time friend Tony Focht announced to us that he will be leaving Verona Red to tackle some new life adventures. While we are saddened to see him go, we are excited for him and wish him all the best. We are VERY happy to say that this is NOT a 'never see you again' type of goodbye...keep an eye out for Tony Focht appearances down the road, and perhaps even a farewell party for the Fantastic Mr. Focht in the near future.

Special thanks to all our Milwaukee friends and fans who came out this weekend. It had been way too long! Till next time Milwaukee...

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