Gabe's (Iowa City, IA) - 6/18/2010

The drive to Gabe's in Iowa City was both gorgeous and terrifying. As we drove West into the 80 mph winds that would eventually kill a family of four windows in the Sears (fuck you Willis) tower I was reminded of how helpless we really are to the forces of mother nature bitchface.

I was also reminded of the Costner classic (if there can be such a thing), Field of Dreams. They have some real big and scary sky out there in Iowa. Looks like angry bedsheets.

Adding to my sense of terror was Adam's warning about tornadoes. I'd never heard of such things before. Adam's description was enlightening and educational.

But as Adam delved into the consequences of actually encountering one of these beasts, it made me question why it was we were still driving.

It was then that I remembered the grit and determination of the WWF's very own Texas tornado (finally understanding the full meaning of his moniker), and figured if he could face adversity in furry boots, I could do the same.

We trucked on through the elements, never ceasing to scream like little girls every time the wind carried us into the other lane.

We were all very relieved when we finally arrived at Gabe's in Iowa City.

I kept with the Texas tornado idea and used the memory of his ferocity to inspire a whirlwind performance. The times we had up there on that stage were good, so good that I think we shall do it again in Iowa City soon.

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