Lock, Stock & Barrel (Decatur, IL) and Lemmons (St. Louis, MO): 6/11 - 6/12/2010

Decatur proved to be one of the most fun towns we've visited so far in 2010. The folks at Lock Stock and Barrel were great and the band we met there, Ambient Green (http://www.myspace.com/ambientgreen), were a bunch of fun guys.

Free food and beer put everyone in a great mood right from the get go. After the show we hit up an after party with our new friends in Ambient Green. Good times were had so the needless to say the camera was getting a little shaky by the end of the night. Here's what I got.

St. Louis the following night was tons of fun too. More free food and beers led me to believe that people really do get more hospitable the further south you travel.

The show at Lemmons was fun.  Played a full set with ear plugs for the first time and met some really cool people after the show.

One of the highlights of night two was the toilet in our motel room. This seriously may have been the loudest toilet in all of St. Louis. Enjoy!

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