Sexual Favors For Sandwiches = Here We Come Royal Oak, MI!

As the legendary NCAA college basketball coach Bobby Knight once said, "It's not the will to succeed that matters, but the will to prepare to succeed."  For this reason I like to study the musical landscape of a city before a show to help us design a set that will connect best with local culture.

As we gear up for our next performance in Royal Oak, MI (just outside of Detroit) on Feb. 19, I am reminded that the Motor City was the birthplace of Motown and that I would be faced with a plethora of music/videos to sift through in order to get a well-rounded picture of what's been going on in Detroit over the last 60 years.

During my research, I stumbled across one video that struck me as having a very special signficance in recent Motor City musical history.  I'd like to share that video with you today.

The time: August 13, 2009.
The place: a small restuarant in Coney Island outside of downtown Detroit.
The artist: Unknown, but we can assume he's operating under the inspiration of D-town's finest crack cocaine.


It's hard to believe how much better Michael Jackson is than this guy, when I can probably gaurantee MJ had a multitude of stornger drugs flowing through his system....then again MJ had the evolutionary advantage of growing up in Gary, IN.  Nevertheless...some of the lyrical reinvention featured above is admirable.

Verona Red commits sexual favors for sandwiches in Royal Oak on...

Feb. 19
@ Memphis Smoke (100 S. Main, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067)
with National Ghost (http://www.myspace.com/nationalghost)
9:30 PM
Cost: $0!

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