Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN) - 1/8/2010

Ok so I’m really late with show posts.  To get you up to speed, we left off on a cold and blistery night in early January at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. I think we got hit by some skank asleep at the wheel the last time we went there so not getting in an accident with a sleeping person was a definite improvement. Good times.

The show was fun.  We rocked out with some great bands, re-united with some distant family, and drank with a Tuskan Raider.  Good times were sploodging all over the place, we even jammed on harmonicas with one of our good friends and fans Kris Murphy (dinosaur puke dude, from several blogs back).

Since I didn't get any pictures, I'll leave you with a tribute to Canada to show my gratitude to this beautiful country for letting the world Olympicize all over it.

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