The Rockbox (Chicago, IL) 12/5/2009

Rock and roll was the name of the game at the Rockbox on the 5th of December. We had a fucking amazing time! Not sure if there was something in the air that night…or maybe it was the absence of toys in the "Toys for Tots" box in the back that just got us all jazzed up. Anyway, it turned out to be one hot mess of semen and alfredo sauce.

It was a spiritual journey and we thank all of you who came out to experience it with us. After the show I noticed everyone had gotten through it in their own way.

Some were angry

Others...just plain confused





But for most of us it was a night of personal reflection

No matter how you felt that night, just know WE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

And most importantly please remember that we are constantly reading up on new ways to keep you satisfied ;)

Can’t wait to see all you Chicago kids again at Subterranean on Jan. 9!

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