Cubby Bear (Chicago, IL) - 8/20/2010

This past Friday's show at Cubby Bear with Greek Fire and Model Stranger was a pant wetting good time. A last minute show with such a great turnout makes me really appreciate the fact that Verona Red is blessed with the best fans in Chicago, maybe even the Midwest...no matter what you're definetly not third.

Here's some pics from the night.  HUGE PROPS to Michael Cooks from Afrothoughts.com for surprising us with these great images.  Mike Healy, glad your camera didn't break, thank you for the bonus images as well.

What a great night! This is the exact moment that I decided to applaud you all for being so damn awesome in anticipation for the blog I was going to write three days later.

Wish we could do this every night Chicago! But now it's back to writing :) Till next time...

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