Vollrath Tavern (Indianapolis, IN) 11/28/2009

This was just an old fashion barn burner. What can I say we rocked the place until we had bruises on our knees and whiskey in our pubes.

AS USUAL the ladies tried to rip my clothes off after the show.

These lasses would not take no for an answer and didn’t stop until my underwear was hanging from the ceiling.

Once the females had their fill, I enjoyed a great set by a cool band out of Columbus called The Receiver (http://www.myspace.com/thereceiver) check them out if get a chance.

We were super pumped to hang out with some lndy fans as we have not been in the area since May.

Kris here is awesome. We drank to the good times and puking like dinosaurs. If you’ve read past posts you know what he’s talking about.

With many drinks comes insatiable hunger, so pizza was shared.

Mike was hungriest, so we let him take down the most.

In all, Indy was fun, can’t wait to come back to Melody Inn in Indy on Jan 8!

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