Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL) 11/6/2009

This was a rock and roll wet dream. Our first show with new bassist John Bottrell and we had a fucking blast. From the moment we set foot in the place everyone in the band was amp’d to play like Daryl Strawberry in a cocaine jungle gym.

Mike was so excited he was determined to expose himself to the young ladies. He repeatedly scolded me for not getting close enough to his crotch with the camera.

Indeed, he was quite forceful about everyone in the band seeing it as well and demanded everyone’s full attention.

Tony was more interested in fun parts of the female persuasion, and mike’s fingers were not happy.

After two great sets by AktarAktar (http://www.myspace.com/aktaraktar) and Moxie Motive (http://www.myspace.com/moxiemotive), it was time to rock.  And I think we rocked harder than I believe we have rocked in some time.

To be truthful this was one of the best crowds we’d played for. So thank you again to everyone who came out that night, and if you were one of drunkards banging on a tambourine for the last couple of songs, let me just say you have great inebriated rhythm.

In the end a true test of any show is what happens afterwards at the merch booth. We worked it hard… hey a bands gotta eat.

Then it was off to Underbar with some friends, old and new.  The good times didn't stop until the wee hours of the morning when Tony went into cardiac arrest.

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