House of Blues Chicago - 7/12/2012... And Catching Up

House of Blues (Chicago, IL) - 7/21/2012

Props to Tanya and mom for snapping these.  It was a such a fun night, was great to see these pop up on the web the next morning.  Tanya works wonders with a camera phone.

Also, was a pleasure to be joined by Dan Baker on the blues harp.

Chicago Rock And Roll Half Marathon (Chicago, IL) - 7.22.2012

Six very quick hours later we arrived at 18th and Lakeshore in the South Loop to perform at mile 11 of the Rock And Roll Half Marathon.

We shared the stage with The Madison Letter.  Cool guys.  It was a pleasure to spend the morning with them and the race organizers.  Was really a treat to perform for the runners/spectators for an event like this.  As tired as we were when we arrived at 4 AM, watching the runners as they pushed themselves through the 11th mile a few hours later really energized us and put our tired feelings into perspective pretty quickly.

Up And Under Pub (Milwaukee, WI) - 6.8.2012

This one was a while back.  Really nice club.  Loved The Addy Janes.  Theirs was the first show where I've seen a fan do a cartwheel in a sundress. 

Thanks to Rock Zimmerman for the great photos.

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