Our Last Chicago Summer Performance And The Lessons We've Learned So Far

Join us for our last show of the summer (and sadly one of our last Chicago performances of the year) on Friday, September 16, at the Tonic Room.  After the cover-a-thon that was Summergasm, we're absolutely itching to send off this Summer with one final "back to our roots" kinda show.


We're looking to book-end all of our Summer 2011 experiences with this one...and give ourselves some time to reflect on all the important lessons we learned. 

"But you guys are dumb...right?"  Well kinda, but we did learn something...here's a glimpse:
  • Most importantly, Tony looks like Bill Paxton from True Lies when he wears this wig

  • The rest of us could double as undercover French spies from the 70's.

  • Short shorts are fun to talk about..and that's about it.
  • You can get a lap dance while you sing Karaoke in Hot Springs, AR.

  • Mike is made of Kool Aid
  • You can dance with a banana, but it will attract gorillas
  • Summergasm made some people happy and other people really angry.
  • There is such thing as too many Schlitzes
  • We're all much better runners than we thought.
  • Adam looks legit as a Blues Brother.
  • If you can deep throat a pickle in Dallas, they will let you keep it.

Other things we learned that we didn't capture with a camera

  • Our friend Brad can drive endless amounts of hours on end with no sleep or conversation
  • Prince is even more amazing when you sit down and try to learn a few of his songs as a band.  Also, I never noticed it before this summer, but the production quality on Purple Rain is strangely awful.  Great songs get by I guess.
  • Tax season for a band is a bitch when you decide to tell the government that you're looking for more than just a good time.
  • Someone needs to invent a cartoon about the three Gibb brothers as babies called Baby Gibb.
  • "People in St. Louis kill gypsies on sight" is the number one reason you shouldn't sleep in your van according to the local law enforcement.
  • The Bee Gees are an amazing group.  I've never really given their music a fair shake until the Saturday Night Fever Summergasm show.  I downloaded all of their music and my mind has been expanded by the forceps of pop genius as a result.
  • The kids in the suburbs are worse than the gangs in the city...at least when it comes into breaking into our van and/or stealing our gas.
  • Gay guys in Austin LOVE us (a trip back to Momo's reaffirmed what we'd already learned at SXSW earlier in the year).
  • You can stay with meth-heads on the road...but don't expect to get any sleep if you leave one of them with a children's book to read.
  • Verona Red fans REALLY like to drink at our shows, regardless of how frequently we have them. Thanks for showing us a good time.

Needless to say we thank you guys so much for an amazing summer, and an amazing year.  Summergasm taught us a ton of new covers for the repertoire...many of which we'll probably keep in our back pockets for when you least expect a Wham! classic. ...you've been warned.

But the end of Verona Red's summer just wouldn't feel right with out a 100% no-filler, full on, ROCK AND ROLL show that's true to us and the band we've become.

The Tonic Room (2447 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL)
Friday 9/16

UPDATE: Pre-Show DJ Set Feat. Verona Red and Jai Henry of Minneapolis Henrys - 8:30 PM
Jai Henry of Minneapolis Henrys - 9:30 PM
Verona Red - 10:30 PM
Doors: 8 PM 
Cover: $5

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sounds like some amazing times!!!