Drunk Diet = Another Book Recommendation

After careful consideration I’ve decided to dump P90X for the Drunk Diet.

More about Luc Carl and his Drunk Diet from his site.

Not your ordinary Diet book, The Drunk Diet is simply a year in the life of author Lüc Carl. His memoirs of a year in which he went from being an out of shape, bloated asshole, to the sexiest, most delightful man on the planet.

After reading countless books and being told time after time that it’s impossible to lose weight while drinking alcohol heavily, Lüc Carl decided to take matters into his own hands. Join him on his journey to lose 40 pounds, without giving up his principles of being a hard drinking party maker.

If you’re into getting shape while living life in excess…check out Luc’s blog here http://drunkdiet.com/
The book is due in an early 2012.

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