Nacho Dip Mouth Orgasm in Bloomington

So I realized something this weekend.  Verona Red played it's first house party in a number of years... and I'm starting to think we should just do full on house party tours from this point forward.

  • Reason number 1. the nacho dip we ate at Wendy's birthday party, I don't know what it was but it was cheesy/spicy and better than any nacho dip we've ever gotten at a venue or anywhere for that matter.  It was the dip to end all dips, if there were a dip Olympics they could probably just cancel them.
  • Reason number 2. the breakfast we ate the next morning after Wendy's party, again never happens at venues.
  • Reason number 3. Education. I learned the actual definition of the word savory...realized I've misused it for years, can't remember the last time I learned anything of value at a bar.
  • Reason number 4. all the great people we met at Wendy's party, OK well we meet cool people at venues too but this still needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Reason number 5 crowd participation, I would have never had the chance to hear someone in the crowd come up and sing a song about their favorite kind of sexy panties had this show been in a traditional setting.

So maybe its presumptuous to assume all house parties would have these things..I imagine others may fall short and an entire tour of house parties could be a let down...but it might be worth looking into.

Here's some pics



Posing upside down

Eating the shit out of some amazing nacho dip

Listening to the greatest American rock and roll song ever penned on the topic of sexy panties


Big thanks to Wendy, Clint, Kris, and Marissa!

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