Who is Verona Red?

As we all know, it is a long and difficult process trying to name a band. The name has to be both personally important and relevant to the band and also immediately memorable and eye-catching to the public. After all, if one is not familiar with a particular band's music or reputation otherwise, it is only through a captivating name that a random band will be given a chance.

So how important, how poignant IS the name Verona Red? What emotions does it elicit? I hit the streets to find out.

After being asked by people if it was some kind of flower, perfume, or wine, I realized I should clear up the confusion and actually mention that Verona Red was the name of a band.

"Is it kind of like the Indigo Girls?", "That's Fiona Apple's new project, right?" and "I don't know but it sounds pretty gay" were the most popular answers.

But what is the meaning behind it, it's raison d'ĂȘtre?

A few close friends of the band were able to shed more light. Joe Wilson, a long time friend and former schoolmate of lead man Chris Balzer's said, "I don't trust it, sounds like a French communist to me." Another friend, Steve, said, "I think they should just go back to the first band name, Audio Pollution. And while they're at it they should probably bring back the original line-up. And play the old songs. Just a thought."

Obviously I had to go straight to the source for the answer. The only person that would be able to provide me with a full explanation of everything that went into the process of naming the band was a band member himself. I caught up with Chris and asked him exactly where Verona Red came from, what it truly meant.

"I don't know, it was either that or the Van Buren Eight. Oh, or Basil."

Good choice, boys. Good choice.

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